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    The very thought of putting a house on the real estate market is enough to make people cringe. Finding an agent, having the property appraised, and determining an asking price will take time and cost a few hundred dollars. Then the home has to be inspected at a price of around two-hundred dollars. Any code violations or major issues have to be repaired at the expense of the owner. By now, owners can be months into the process before the house even gets listed.


    The job of the real estate agent is to sell the house. That cannot be done successfully without bringing people to the home for a viewing. That means keeping the home and yard spotlessly clean and manicured. Some people viewing the house will be serious buyers, while others are just taking a look to eliminate it off their list of potential homes. Either way the necessary process is inconvenient and annoying.

    Another inconvenience is taking the time to call service people in order to make repairs to the house. Some things may be do-it-yourself projects, but pipes, electrical work, and roofing will require professionals. They will each have to come to the house, provide an estimate, and return another day to actually do the work.

    A Quick Alternative

    Eliminate all those components by contacting Cash Home Buyers. Companies will make a cash offer for your house “as is” and provide a way to avoid putting the house on the market. The deal is fair, fast, and hassle-free. Paying cash for homes is not a new concept, and there are many companies that can help with this alternative.

    Select Carefully

    There are some corporations that will make a cash offer for your home without ever visiting the property. Think twice about this. If they do not view the home, how can they determine a fair price? In most cases, the offer will be on the low end which will mean a big loss for the homeowner.

    It is also important to read over any contracts before signing one. Hidden fees or extra clauses can be used to decrease the cash given for the property. Find an experienced and independent company of professionals with whom to work.
    buy my house now will make a home visit, make an honest offer, and provide a contract that is easy to understand.


    A closing date can be arranged in as little as a few business days after the contract is signed.

    selling your house quickly can also be delayed for a few weeks, if the homeowner prefers. The closing date flexibility is perfect for people who are selling the house to avoid foreclosure, have medical bills to pay, or are having a bad experience with tenants.